Log in + lock + unlock

Log in + Lock + Unlock

Users can securely log into Windows® user accounts and lock + unlock sessions using a biometric signature. This provides quick and simple access to a machine and helps improve the security of sensitive data which may be displayed onscreen.

Device Access Control

Device Access Control

An Admin decides which computers a person can access as well as which accounts that person can log in under. Managing users and computers is done through an intuitive interface accessible by an Admin via any computer inside your network.

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Workflow in our office is a very crucial part of the day at Kieffer Family Dental. Therefore, when we implemented the EbbPass, we have seen our efficiency increase as well as the security of our patients’ medical information. The EbbPass truly allows end users to spend more time providing excellent care to patients versus dealing with the headaches of remembering passwords and security concerns.
- Chris Kieffer
Keiffer Family Dental
Requiring automatic computer log offs when no data has been entered for fifteen minutes means anesthesia providers could have to enter complex, high powered passwords more than 40 times in a day!! A huge distraction, which in our business can equal catastrophe!! The EbbPass [and the EikonTouch510] sensor is literally a "life saver” in our business. With one touch, we are back in the computer, able to enter data with minimal distraction. We are more efficient, less distracted, and more focused on our professional mission of patient comfort and safety.
- Barry Jones, MSN, CRNA
Western Plains Anesthesia
EbbPass has taken the complexity of user authentication out of the equation. With a simple touch, users can login and out without the need to remember any passwords! Basic setup and maintenance makes EbbPass a no-brainer for any business with compliance requirements.



A report, accessible by an Admin, presents the details of every authentication request facilitated by the ebbPass software. You will be able to tell when a person tried to log into a machine, which machine they attempted to log in to, the method they used for authentication and more!


Subscription-based Service

Our software-as-a-service model is priced both on the number of users you plan to have utilize ebbPass and the duration of your subscription. We strive to be more affordable than any other comparable system currently available!

Don't waste away at the login screen.

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ebbPass provides biometric computer access control, credential management and reporting mechanisms so your company can be more efficient and more secure.
  • Save time logging into your computer with a biometric and protect sensitive data displayed on your screen with our Ebb Login Service.
  • Lord over your machines by limiting who can log in and the user accounts they can access.
  • Enjoy the feeling of omniscence that our detailed reports provide.
  • Wallow in the excess savings associated with our very cost effective, subscription based service.
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