-Our Mission-

To securely facilitate access to Windows® user accounts and applications.

About Us

We at Ebb seek to provide convenient and secure solutions to the ever growing mire that is secure device access and password management. Our team works tirelessly in order for the people and businesses of this world who find themselves burdened with scores of (hopefully) unique usernames and passwords to find solace in the streamlined credential management that our software provides.

We think that the time has come for us all to shed the skins of our technological forefathers and walk, smiling, into the the glowing future of convenient AND secure technologies!

Our Origin

Ebb, like so many other tech companies, started with an idea for a solution to a problem. It began with an intern with a tooth ache and a personal issue I had been battling.

CT, our intern, had just returned from a visit to a local dentist where he had been quizzed by their office manager, Chris, about where he worked. Chris, who knew our company had been working in the area of identity management for a while, told CT about the concerns he had regarding employees logging into the office’s computers, especially in the operatories. HIPAA regulations were on the forefront of his mind and, recognizing the human capacity for error, Chris realized that the process his employees used to access the workstations around the office left some things to be desired. Specifically, the accountability of who logged on and how sensitive data was being displayed and secured was of key concern. He wanted to know if Ebb could help with a solution.

My issue was much more personal. My dad was diagnosed with a mild case of Alzheimer’s. Before the diagnosis, he was on the computer playing games and catching me on Skype any time he saw the light go green. After the diagnosis, it seemed like using a computer was something he did not want to attempt for fear of not remembering how to use the once familiar controls and procedures associated with typical computer usage. For instance, the old username and password mechanic for authentication was no longer practical for my father as a means to access the computer and its applications. I can only assume others with similar diagnoses are struggling at this moment through the same problem—a problem that should no longer exist given the current state of technology. Now, my dad need only place his finger on the sensor and his list of favorites appears, allowing him to easily select the one he wishes to visit. No passwords are necessary, not even a browser to think about accessing.

It has taken a lot of hard work and sacrifice from our team of Ebbers to deliver the product Chris was looking for and to enable my dad to once again enjoy his computer. In both cases, we solved a problem that has been largely overlooked or simply taken for granted. We are relentless in our ongoing pursuit of solutions to these types of challenges. We know there are many other ways in which our software can prove helpful and we welcome any invitation to add to our success stories.

"Tech companies can come from the strangest places" is what I have been told. With that in mind, starting one right in the middle of the United States, in the shadow of Mt. Rushmore, (not really shadow, but it provides a great visual) doesn't really sound like a terrible idea, right?
- Alan