Your employees will love you...

...and you will love the increased productivity as they spend less time at the login screen!

2. Create an Admin

During install, create an Admin user and assign your Windows® account creds to her.

Give your Admin some creds to login with.

  • Create the Admin user
  • Assign her the Windows® user name and password
  • Continue onward to fingerprint registration!

3. Scan your Admin's finger

After the install completes, register the Admin's finger with ebbPass to begin using!

Register a Biometric

  • Pick a finger to register.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for scanning.
  • Your Admin is now ready to use ebbPass!

4. Start using ebbPass

Log in, lock + unlock your machine, add users, manage computer credentials and view reports!

Order ebbPass

Your Admins have the power!

  • Onboard users in much the same process as the Admin.
  • Manage device credentials for all computers in your network.
  • View reports to ensure users are accessing the right machines.

Add Users (aka Team Members)

  • Add users up to the limit you set at time of purchase.
  • Register their fingers.
  • Assign them Windows® account credentials.
  • Turn them loose to start using ebbPass!

Create and Manage device credentials

  • Create a list of account credentials.
  • Associate those credentials with users and devices.
  • Enable or disable specific credentials for specific users.

Login without a password!

  • Lock your screen by touching the fingerprint sensor.
  • Unlock your screen by scanning your finger with the sensor.
  • Login in the same manner as unlocking your screen!

View Authentication Reports

  • Which computer?
  • What user?
  • Successful authentication or failure?
  • How did they authenticate (finger, password, etc)?
  • When did this occur?

Video Demos

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